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Legendia Śląskie is the number 1 attraction in Silesia! It has been providing great entertainment to guests of all ages for almost 60 years. Stretching over 26 hectares, it is situated near a lake and  surrounded by beautiful greenery. There are more than 40 attractions - children's, family or extreme. Visitors can find here well-known and popular attractions, such as a ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large planes (Dream Flight Airlines) and cups (Tea cups), as well as new attractions like Diamond River (sliding into the water from a height of 8 and 12 m), or the breathtaking Lech Coaster.


The Silesian Zoological Garden

The Silesian Zoological Garden is the third largest zoo in Poland. In the area of nearly 50 ha, in the heart of Upper Silesia, you can observe over 300 species of animals from almost all over the world. The most recognizable are Indian elephants, mesh giraffes, cap gibbons, lions, Amur tigers and red pandas. The last few years have seen the Silesian zoo flourish. Thanks to numerous investments, new buildings were built at the zoo, allowing the import of new species of animals, for example the building for gibbons and the exhibition of the Humboldt penguins. There was buid a new facilities for species already reared in the garden (giraffe house, rhino building, cheetah building). Many existing facilities were also modernized (the building of the exotarium, aquarium, antelope or monkey house).


The Planetarium - Silesian Science Park

The Silesian Planetarium was established in 1955 as the first facility of this kind in Poland. In 2018, the process of reconstruction and modernization began, which was completed in 2022. The Silesian Planetarium is currently one of the most modern science parks in the world. It presents issues related to three fields of science: seismology, meteorology and astronomy. Exhibitions, which are unseen in other similar places, not only show various physical phenomena, but also allow you to experience them. In the planetarium, you can experience an earthquake, stand next to a real lightning, or even take a simulated flight into space. A modern projection system allows to display about 100 million stars on a spherical screen and take viewers to the farthest corners of the Universe.

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