IRSSM 11 Research Worshop detailes

Services dominate the GDP of all nations in the world today. However, indigenous service research is a relatively new context and less developed in most countries. The ever increasing role played by the service sector in all our lives provides numerous opportunities for research. The International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM) aims to nurture the research skills of the next generation of teachers, researchers, and professionals. One of the most important and valuable part of this symposium is the Research Workshop which will be held on June 16th. This research workshop is a unique mentoring platform and environment that is devoted to support and guiding young researchers with the knowledge and strategies necessary to improve the quality of their research and academic publications. By attending IRSSM symposium and attending the research workshop, you will have the opportunity to network and receive guidance from highly regarded senior professors (mentors) from some of the top universities in the world. These mentors provide a hands-on research workshop on the first day of the Symposium; and, throughout the remaining days of the Symposium, they will provide you with valuable feedback and critical strategies to improve your research. It is this unique mentoring process that many young researcher attendees have found so beneficial and has led to the success of IRSSM Symposiums over the last 10 years. If you are new to research, this Symposium is a must. It will help you to create the right kinds of contacts and networks, and will guide you to improve your research and publication skills.

Workshop Date: June 13th, 2023